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Buying and keeping tabs on an investment property can be a stressful process. Between picking the right property, finding the right tenant and keeping up with all the new legislations, it can be very overwhelming. 

Our investor Support Service provide you with the market knowledge and the tools to confidentally purchase your investment property, whether it be your first or your fifth. And all at no cost to you!

Register your interest today and let us help you skip all the common landlord mistake and maximise your investment!

What to look out for when buying an investment property
Does your investment have a high tenant attraction rating?

What to expect when your property is being managed by an agent

Skip the mistakes

We understand how ovewhelming it is buying a property for yourself to live in, let alone having to consider all of the factors of the renting it out to random tenants. From collating feedback and also having been avid investors ourselves, we have developed this service to eliminate the common mistakes landlords make and guide you maximising your investment. 

We do this by firstly setting up a personalised 30 minute phone or video meeting to understand your situation and assist with a strategy plan. Whether it be thinking about buying, in the process of buying or you already own an investment property; this will still be able to give you the tools you need to minimise unecessary costs and maximise your return. 

During your 30 Minute Strategy Session we will personalise a plan for you containing some of the following services:

Comprehensive rental appraisals on ALL properties you’re looking to purchase

Give a comparable market analysis on each property

Advise on what tenants are currently seeking in a property

Provide weekly updates on current investments for sale in the area

Offer statistics & data on the current rental market

Invitations to investor information nights

Advise on securing a suitable tenant.

Calculate the potential percentage yields

Offer professional advice of any works which would achieve higher returns

Show you how to increase your current returns

Give a quality tenant attraction rating.

Offer recommendations on quality of area (including flood and fire rating zones)

Advise on schools & land zones

Attend any auctions on your behalf

Provide reliable general tenancy & legislative advice

Offer suggestions on reliable and cost-effective tradespeople, conveyancers and other property related service providers

Arrange transfer of management forms and deliver them for you

Pick up all files, keys and relevant information from other agencies

**This Investor Support Service is subject to North Avenue Real Estate's evaluation of your current circumstances from the 30 minute strategy meeting. A personalised service containing some of the items above will be developed for each client. North Avenue Reat Estate retain the right to refuse this service if the client is deemed not suitable after evaluation. 

What our clients say

"I'm a new landlord at renting out and was a bit nervous.
My contact was Cameron. Very friendly and professional. Made me feel at ease and explained things I didn't know about. Easy to contact and prompt turnaround time. Recommended professional and good quality people who did the job well the first time, e.g handyman, carpet cleaner, general house cleaning, electrician, etc
I feel at ease knowing that my agent is treating my property with just as much care and professionalism as myself.
If you are looking for quality long term partners to look after your property, give these guys a call."

- Jocelyn Hu

"North Avenue Real Estate have been incredibly helpful with managing my properties.

They spend that extra effort finding the right tenants that will give you peace of mind when leasing your property.

The staff are genuinely very helpful and patient in taking you through the process and setting your expectations.

This is the service you can expect from this boutique real estate agency which is hands down better than the mainstream agencies."

- Nicholas Carroll

"North Avenue Real Estate have been genuine, caring, and transparent.

They take pride in their work, are responsive, and have invested in purpose built technology that makes the whole rental process (from both sides) so much easier.

I could not recommend them enough."

- Kersherka Sivakumaran
Investor & Tenant

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